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Propane Express LLC
Propane Tanks
We fill and sell tanks of all sizes and types
Bobtail Delivery
Propane Express Bulk Delivery Customers make up a growing part of our customer base. Propane is growing ever popular in the areas that we serve because it is a safe, reliable, highly efficient, highly effective, and readily available fuel. Call us for a quote.

With our rental of seasonal patio heaters, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants in Harris County can keep guests warm while relaxing out on the patio during fall and winter.

Refill Service of Propane Cylinders
Refill Service of Propane Cylinders

Propane Express provides fast, safe, and reliable refill service of propane cylinders

  • We service size from 5 to 420 lbs.
  • Used in a variety of applications — domestic, recreational, commercial, and industrial.
  • Conform with strict compliance to DOT specifications
  • We also stock most types of tanks and cylinders.

Propane fills all the way… All propane tanks have a "tare weight" or "T.W." stamped on the collar of the tank. We make sure your tank leaves our facility full. 

Do you run a mobile food unit or need to do cylinder exchanges frequently?

With this you will not need a wrench to exchange cylinders.

Here is an item that will make your exchanges easier and faster and its only $10. We do not sell it but we will install for $25 at your location. 

Propane Tank Recertification Stamp

Propane Express is a licensed DOT propane tank recertifying agent.

We perform a full tank inspection which is included in the tank recertifying process.

Here is a description of what we do for you:

  • Check the tank date of manufacture
  • Check the tank for leaks
  • Check to make sure the tank has the required decals
  • Check the valve guard
  • Check the foot-ring
  • Check for dents & gouges
  • Check for rust

Replace the relief valve – This valve is set to release any excess pressure in the propane tank. The valve is equipped with a protective cap to keep the valve clean from water and debris. The relief valve must be replaced within 12 years of the date of manufacture of the container and every 10 years thereafter. See NFPA 58 Sec 2-3.2.5.

At the end of the process tanks will be stamped as recertified.

Cost to recertify is $35 + valve.

The price of the valves vary, estimated total cost is $55 & up.

Commercial Propane Tank Cages and Enclosures
Commercial Propane Tank Cages and Enclosures

We lease and sell Propane Exchange Cages. 

We deliver... even at our yard.
We deliver... even at our yard.

We can fill your cylinder from our main facility at 10603 Tower Oaks Blvd.

Please call us to schedule

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    10603 Tower Oaks Blvd.

    Houston, TX 77070  

    We are open and ready to serve you.  Before driving out please call us to verify that one of our staff will be there.

    Our location is just north of 1960 off of Jones Road. 

    Phone: +1(713)856-6215


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